Secret World

You called my name
while the storm was raging,
while the wind was blowing.
Your hands entwisted with mine,
you shouted my name,
and like the stars in galaxy,
at same minute in time,
we burst as one.
And then you called my name
Echoing in the four corners-
of our small space, of our secret world.

Sealed with a Kiss

Dearest E,

I love you.
And i know that you don’t feel the same way.
But let’s not fool each other,
because I know that you know it so well.
Yet you still keep me, not as lover but as a friend.
Someone you can call when you need an ear to listen.
Someone you can hang out with when no one is available.
And someone you can get a yes when your love gives you a no.
Please, let’s not fool each other,
because I know that you feel it hard, the love I have.
Yet you still call my name, not sweet but casual;
making me fall harder and deeper.

I love you.
And I know that you know
that this love i have for you is tearing me apart.
Let us not fool each other,
that this connection we have is the coolest thing ever.
Yes it was, but it isn’t anymore.
I know, dear, that you truly see me as a friend.
No doubt, no question.
So please, if I am a friend to you,
Pull me a gunstart to forget you.
Let me not kiss your lips again.
Please love, let me not hold your hand again.